RLB-MitarbeiterInnen-Sozialaktion at Christmas 2023

The Tyrolean Cancer Research Institute/Tiroler Krebsforschungsinstitut (TKFI) warmly thanks all donors of the Raiffeisen-Landesbank (RLB) for a generous Christmas donation within the framework of the RLB-MitarbiterInnen-Sozialaktion 2023 (Employees’ Social Action 2023) in support of our charitable institute.

Support like this is crucial for our research endeavors. Therefore, we are extremely grateful for the contributions of the RLB employees, as well as for the doubling of the collected donation amount by the board of RLB itself.

The work at TKFI aims to advance the deciphering of the molecular mechanisms of cancer formation, in order to find targeted and individualized treatment options. We are basic cancer researchers and actively work on enabling new strategies how to inhibit cancer cell growth.

Additionally, we would like to introduce to you a video that aims to present the TKFI to those who may not yet be familiar with our work. It serves as a brief insight into the mission and history of our institute:

left: Christof Splechtna (Board of Directors), Reinhard Mayr (Chairman of the Board), Helmut Mutschlechner (Financial Manager TKFI), Eduard STEFAN (Scientific Head TKFI), Dietmar Öfner-Velano (Chairman TKFI), Doris Bergmann (Chairwoman of the Works Council), Thomas Wass (Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors) and Johannes Peter Bachler (Chairman of the Supervisory Board of RLB Tirol)
Picture Source: Raiffeisen-Landesbank Tirol AG