Martin Steinmeyer foundation for the TKFI

Senator h.c. Dr. Martin Steinmeyer has established the Senator h.c. Dr. Martin Steinmeyer Foundation to support promising young talents in Tyrol. He is renowned for his successful career as a manager, entrepreneur and investor. Through the initiative Deutscher Freundeskreis (DFK) der Innsbrucker Universitäten e.V., research projects of young researchers at the TKFI are supported. This aims to further develop the scientific knowledge in basic cancer research with the vision to improve targeted treatment strategies in the oncological field.

This funding is allocated to basic research at the TKFI and utilized for the so-called RAS project. RAS is one of the most frequently mutated cancer genes. With this support the young researchers are setting out to a more detailed exploration and perturbation of the molecular function of the RAS signaling pathway. In close partnership with the Leopold-Franzens University (LFU) Innsbruck, the Medical University Innsbruck (MUI), and the Tirol Kliniken (TILAK) GmbH, the TKFI explores, through such basic research projects, new concepts of targeting molecular RAS functions.

This support from Senator h.c. Dr. Martin Steinmeyer is also one reason why research groups at the TKFI have applied for the Austrian Science Fund`s (FWF) programs, such as the #ConnectingMinds call. Aim of these translational-oriented research projects is to provide further support for basic research in Tyrol to understand how cancer driver proteins work and how they could be most effectively blocked in different types of cancer.

Another area of activity for Martin Steinmeyer and this initiative is entrepreneurial projects of young researchers at the Management Center Innsbruck (MCI):

The goal of the TKFI, and thus its mission statement, is cancer research with a direct connection to clinical applications. The TKFI aims to advance the translational cancer research of established teams at The Medical University Innsbruck and the Leopold-Franzens-Universität.